I want to know any standard reports which is used standard “LedgerJournalList” report template in Ax 2009

if anybody know ,help me

I don’t know any way of finding this out, but if you want to use this template and not affect any reports that might be using this report template, just duplicate it and rename it. That way you have the template, and won’t need to modify the existing one.

hi william,

Thanks for your reply. I already duplicated that std template and used in my report…but its not working …i wanna know any report which is using that template.

my problem is ,

in that template they defined and displayed the ledgerJournalTable fields. i did the same in my template also.but its not fetching that table .

In report i have to write any coding for that?

I have looked at this template, and to be honest you would be quicker starting a new report, adding the LedgerJournalTable datasource, then manually adding fields.

Perhaps you should also look at the LedgerJournal reports in the AOT as well, most of these contain the fields so you can use these as a base for the report.

Hi william

Thanks for your reply…

In my new report Template , i just added new controls under pageHeader mentioning the datasource and datafield as LedgerJournaltable and their fields.

Now its working .

Yeah as I suggested it is sometimes “better” to simply replicate a previous working example as opposed to implementing one.

Also, you should look at SSRS reporting as MorphX Reporting has been phased out and replaced by SSRS in AX 2012.