Add new field to sales order lines and update it using job

Good day everybody

Please I need to add new field to sales order lines in ax2012 and update it using x++ job , I want to update the new field value without affecting the current data for the sales lines and its relation with other tables ( for example inventtrans table) , can I use the “doupdate” or “update record set” in this case , please advice.

many thanks in advance


You can use both. If you use update_recordset, you probably want to call skipDataMethods(true) on the buffer before making the update.

You might also want to skip other things, such as the database log (by calling skipDatabaseLog(true)).

By the way, don’t forget that jobs runs on client tier by default. It would be better to execute your logic on the server tier (e.g. by using a server-bound class with main() method, or calling a server method from a job, or opening the job by a menu item with RunOn=Server).