adding the new field at pos database


i had create the 3 field in inventitembarcodetable and one field at the inventTable.Can any one tell me how can i add these field in the pos database and what setup i need to do at the RetailSheduler module and how can i synchronize the data base through sql .


Bijesh Kumar Singh

Hi Brijesh,

You need to create the same fields with same properties in the POS db also for both the tables.

Its better if you run the script and run for all the POS db since this has to done in all the POS databases.

Now for the data replication part, you need to update the transfer field list of the related subjobs.

Hope this will work for you…

Hi Pranav

i m new to the dynamics ax retail.i had added the field at the pos table through the sql statement .but i dont know how to do the setup in job scheduler and how synchronize .Please guide me for this what steps i need to follow to do the setup job scheduler how can i synchronize through sql statement .if u have any document for this please send to my mail id will very thankful for that.


Bijjesh Kumar Singh