Account Schedule

Hi everyone, I have a little problem with my ACCOUNT SCHEDULE REPORT (Extended Account Schedule), how to eliminate the DECIMAL NUMBER so it’s only round number will be visible even it’s not a round number for the value. I tried to change the decimalplaces in the properties of “columnvalueastext[i]” to “0:0” in report and it’s not worked. Thanks, Denny

Hi Denny, “columnvalueastext” is a variable of type text (as it says) and therefore the property decimalplaces won’t have any effect. You might want to include the ROUND function when the decimal values get assigned to the variable “columnvalueastext” (Function CalcColumns). ColumnValuesAsText[i] := AccSchedManagement.FormatCellAsText(ColLayoutTmp,ROUND(ColumnValuesDisplayed[i],1)); …or you just “cut off” the decimal places in the string value with COPYSTR, after the decimal value has been assigned to “columnvalueastext”. Saludos Nils

Hi Nils, nothing happen after i changed the function, but it works when i change function FormatCellAsText in codeunit AccSchedManagement. Thanks Nils, Denny

Hi Denny, good point, thanks for the indication - glad I was able to help. Saludos Nils