How to round off decimal places on Navision reports?


Are there any settings to be changed on Navision to round off decimals on reports?

For example, the value 10,710.75 should be displayed as 10,710 or 10,711.

I tried changing the DecimalPlaces property of textbox from <2:2> to <0:0> which didn’t worked.

Can anyone please advise on how to proceed in this matter?


You shoud use 0:0 in DecimalPlaces. <2:2> is between brackets, because it’s default value.

I tried this as well, but it didn’t worked. [:(]

I’ve tested - it’s working for me [:)]

Another solution - use ROUND(YourDecimal, 1) in SourceExpr.

I tried this now. But still the decimals are there.

It rounds 64,076.40 as 64,076.00

Check out the field properties on the table. If the AutoFormatType property is set, this will override the decimal settings.

Change the Format property of the Textbox.

Set it to…

Also check Amount Decimal Places Field in G/L Setup.

From Online help.

That works.

Many thanks. [:)]

Hi vinod,

How u set Round off decimal Places Set…ie… In Sales line Table ,unit price is 89.34566 but i Need 89.34 in Report . can U Pls Guide Me.



Use ROUND(“Sales Line”.“Unit Price”,0.01) in report sourceexpression

Thanks Mohan,

its Working… [Y]

Welcome [:D]


It worked for me, thanks for the solution given.


Pradeep K