About resizing fonts in report.


Can I batch resize the font size of selected textboxes?

resizing them one by one is some how inefficient…when resizing more than 10 textboxes…

Thank you.


No i’m sorry but it’s the hard way. [:D]

If you have the proper license, then you can export the object as text, and do the modification in a notepad.
It can be a bit faster, as you don’t have to change window all the time.

Also, are you aware of the font-window in the section designer.
Instead of going to the property-window, it’s much easier to use the font-window.
Values in this change as you mark different controls.

The font-window is much better.[Y]
Since part of my job is to modify reports according to client’s requiremnets, the export solution seems not fit my case.

Thank for your reply