8115 Arithmetic Overflow Error converting expression to datatype numeric - T5802 Value Entry


We have Attain360 and are seeing the above SQL error whilst capacity value entries are being written to the database.
This has only just recently happened and we are suspecting a corrupt table. We can’t reproduce the error on any other database.

It it easy to replicate whilst simply creating a new record in T5802 (Value Entry ) directly, and then updating the “Cost amount (actual)” to anything from 0.

There is no ONVALIDATE or ONMODIFY/ONINSERT code on the table so does any one have any ideas?



I didn’t get any replys but I thought I would be good and offer the possible answer that I finally worked out;

There are numbered SQL tables (eg. PKS$5802$0, PKS$5802$1, and PKS$5802$2) that relate to the SIFT indexes specified on T5802’s keys - summing up data for the use of its “flow field” functionailty, I guess.

One of the field’s data, as seen in SQL, had reached its max value (eg. something like 99999999999999999.99999999999999999). Therefore, even adding a new value of 0.01 into the base table would cause the error when the summary tables got updated by the SQL triggers.

The fact that the data had reached its max. value was due to wrong values in the base table, which has now been corrected.

Hope that this will be useful to someone else.

Regards, Tim