64 bit processors

Is there any experience out there with using Navision where the server is a 64bit machine running mSQL and with a SAN drive. I have heard that the 64bit technology is not supported by Navision. Does anyone know if I will get into problems with this configuration. gardar

I don’t know what is SAN or mSQL, but I know that for example if u have a small customer and want to build a relatively cheap server then 64-bit 1M+ cache processor 2G+ RAM is just great. Point being not in Navision support, but server processes that run faster so overall result has more speed. My tested configuration was with AMD Athlon 3200+ with 2G RAM and WinXP 64-bit -edition running Navision server with 4 SATA drives in raid 1+ conf (home pc - just to be clear) and I restored a 12 Gig db in an hour, while I was playing NFSU :smiley: - the pageing of the processor was awesome for me at least. I would also be interested in real test with 64-bit systems, since my test were rather small not to say abs minimum.