64 Bit version Navision 3.70 or Navision 4

Hi, I have some questions to navision software with 64 Bit. 1. is there a navision 3.70 or 4 software for 64 Bit processors (amd athlon 64 or intel pentium d …)? Server version and Client version with 64 Bit? 2. Is a normal 32 Bit Navision 3.70 version (server) running on a 64 Bit processor? faster or slower? Is a 32 Bit Navision Software faster on a dual core processor? 3. Is it an advantage when I run on a Navision 3.70 Server 32 Bit version with Sql 2000 or 2005 database as 64 Bit verson installed aggainst a 32 bit sqlserver version.? 4. Is a normal 32 Bit Navision 3.70 version (server) running on a 64 Bit processor with dual core faster in opposite of a normal processor? Thanks for ideas!

  1. 4.0 SP1 Yes, there is something in the release notes as far as I remember. 2. dual core or dual processor does not make a difference for Navision, it always runs on one processor only. But of course the other processor could take some other jobs of the OS, so the CPU (or core) used by Navision might have more processing time for itself. But I do not think you will recognise. 32Bit software runs inside WoW, so actually winows emulates windows. How fast can that be ? I mean MS told that it is fast, but that is also what they told us regarding Navision running on SQL.[:D] 3. I would say definitely, as disk operations (if supported by the IO system) will run on 64bit, also all internal processes on the SQL server. In fact Navision does not do anything at the server (at least not really). There is no server.exe process which could slow the database acces down. See Answer 2.