WSS installation error


In WSS configuration process the following error occured which stopped my Configuration.

Access Denied [Exception from HRESULT 0X80070005] [E_Access denied]

Please help me to solve the issue.

I tried the below steps. BUT ITS NOT WORKING.

  1. Identify the drive on which ProjectServer was installed.

  2. Open a command prompt on the front-end servers (where the error is occurring) and navigate to the following path:
    C: \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\bin
    Once you have arrived at the bin directory, type the following command:
    Psconfig –cmd upgrade –inplace b2b –wait -force
    Note: Since C: is the default path for the Project Server installation, C: has been used in this example. If a different drive letter has been used, use that drive letter instead.
    This process will finalize any updates prior to implementing the fix.

  3. Once this process has completed, open the registry editor
    Once the registry editor has been opened navigate to
    Here it will be necessary to create a new DWORD key with the following value:
    ServicesPipeTimeout DWORD 60000 (decimal)
    Note: 60000 = 60 Seconds.

  4. Next, look for the WaitToKillServiceTimeout key – take note of its current value – and then change the value to 120000
    Note: 120000=120 Seconds.

  5. Reboot the Server.