work flow on Procurement and sourcing

I have a problem in the work flow on Purchase Requisition ( AX2012 r3)

My goal is configuring a work flow with an automatic approval only for some procurement categories, so If I insert a purchase requisition with 2 items :

item A has a procurement category set for automatic approval

item B has a procurement category not set for automatic approval

The purchase requisition must not be updated to the Approved Status automatically

I try to configure both the work flow Type PurchReqLineReview and Type PurchReqLineReview, and I try to configure also a sub-flow.

Tnx a lot for your suggestions

Hi Georgia,

You have to consider if you want to have line item workflow or not. The last requires more actions by the appprovers.

You can use a condition within a workflow. Here you can specify with a query filter the condition if it would require a manual approval or not. Note that I am not using the word automatic approval yet. In my thoughts I was thinking of manual approval or not.

If needed you have to adjust the query related to the workflow document to be able to specify the conditions for this. I’m not aware how you define if a category should be approved manually or automatically. This could be done on both workflows.

If the purchase requisition contains a line with a category that needs to be approved manually or within the line workflow the line contains this category it should be considered to be approved manually. So this is an outcome true. If not then you can do the auto approval.

Then on the outcome true create approval steps where persons will be assigned. On the outcome false you can setup the automatic approval.

Tnx a lot for your suggestions!

I don’t know if my solution is the easiest but finally I have configured my work flow in this way and It runs in the correct way

6305.giorgia_worflow.docx (48.1 KB)

  • I have inserted a conditional decision on the Procurement category

  • if this condition is at false,

the Approval of the Purchase Requisition is necessary

  • If this condition is at true

I have inserted a Line Item Workflow ( Purchase Requisition Line item work flow) with automatic approval on the same category,

  • If All lines belong to this category , Approval is automatic

I - if some lines belong to this category the Automatic approval is limited to these lines

  • Other lines must be approved manually

Now I will propose the solution to my collegues.

I hope to be useful in future to this forum.



Hi Giorgia,

Unfortunately the document is not in English, so I don’t understand the exact condition what makes the workflow return true or false.

Hi André,

Sorry for my Language ;

I have added some translations to my document , I hope now it is easy to understand

( the exact condition is a particular procurement category of the purchase requisition lines)

1258.giorgia_worflow.docx (54.9 KB)

Tnx a lot and sorry.