Which editor do you use?

The C/AL text editor is one of the worst editors I’ve come across. This is largely because it treats triggers like a series of text records, with all the shortcomings of Navision’s text field editing. The only thing it has going for it is that it is the only editor that is available in the financials IDE. The alternative is to export objects to text files and use an external editor. So, my question is: Which editor do you use? -jp

Whenever I’m editing mostly code (like in codeunits), I’ve found a shareware utility called TEXTPAD (www.textpad.com) that has a lot of potential. You can create keyword files to allow it to perform text coloring and highlighting. And it has Macro capabilities. -jp

I use Programmers Pad (aka ProsPad.) It’s not fancy, but it works well (and my boss is too cheap to buy me a more expensive editor, heheheh… In fact I had to pay for this one out of my own pocket…) --Tim Horrigan tim.horrigan@emsolution.com ------- Tim Horrigan

If you are looking for the best texteditor for programmers there is try Multiedit from Amercan cybernetics. You can edit your own keywords for color highlighting. You can link an compiler to the pogramm (Sadly not navision :frowning: ) You can even programm in it. For people who know brief. This is one of the greatest editors i came across P.S. I don’t have shares of the company i just love the product Best regards,