C/AL Code support in Notepad++

C/AL code is not supported as build-in language in Notepad++, but we can define C/AL as user defined language in Notepad++.

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Mrinal Singha

Hi Mrinal,

Thanks for that information.

But why would you even want to do this? How will a stand-alone text editor help you write better code?

I agree, I am a little bit baffled about this… It makes NO sense at all to use Notepad++ for codewriting…Secondly why use a Developer Forum to promote your blog???

Hi Erik,

This is not for code writting but significantly improve code readability.

Readability?? What can Notepad++ do for readability that VSC cannot do?

I would say what the build-in C/AL editor in C/Side cannot do.

we exchange so many objects in text format and sometimes it throws error while importing. This helps dealing with single text file with bulk objects.

replying to your previous commitment, my bad for promoting my blog, please suggest a forum.

I have worked with Navision including the text files for many many years, and I simply cannot see how it could help you having a text editor.

If anything, then use VSCode, then at least its an environment which (eventually) is familiar to the development.

The forums are for posting questions, or starting discussions. Not for promoting your blog (unless someones asks a question solved by your blog post).

If you are interested, then I can setup a “blog mirror”, where you blog going to be syndicated to our blogs via the RSS feed from your blog.