What's new about Dynamcis NAV 5.1 - Role Tailored Client?

Convergence 2007 EMEA is coming up next month in Copenhagen. I guess we will hear more about Dynamics NAV 5.1 (the role tailored client) here, but I think a lot of our members would like to hear what’s the latest official news about the next version. When will it be released? What will it have or not have?

There is a doocument (technical whitepaper) on Partnersource called “Reccomondations When Implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0”. It is very interesting and gives a lot of hints what to expect. And what not to expect as well.

As the frontpage of the document states that this is “Partner Confidential” I will not publish it here [:(], but the link is https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/documentation/whitepapers/recommendationswhenimplementingmicrosoftdynamicsnav5_0.htm

Well, everything is subject to change until it’s really released. So reading up on these documents may not be the best way to spend your time… [:(]