All you want to know about Dynamics NAV 5.0

Well Kamil, has just made a very exciting Blog. I am positng here because I know a lot of people don’t check Blogs regularly.

Basically MVPs received Dynamics NAV 5.0 last week, but it was all confidential, Kamil is the first person to be given permission to Blog about 5.0. Although at first glance 5.0 looked like a minor upgrade, once you get into it there it really has some great features. Costing has been imporoved a lot, and that is what I am going to be looking at.

So take a look here.

And please make comments to his Blog, (not here, this thread is locked) so that he will keep on doing this. If you don’t reply to his Blog, then you will have to wait a few more months to find all this out.

Great stuff Kamil [:)]

Well I have started on the user side.

Alain (kriki) has suggested that those that don’t often check Blogs, may want to just use the RSS feed so they can get an update when something is posted.

The feed is at > just enter that into your RSS reader.