Vendor Payment Journal Automation

guys can you pl help me for automation of Vendor payment…

in standard DAX 2012 function for ‘Generate Payment’ through manual creating a payment journal and using the standard function for selecting vendor invoices for payment is slow.

so Client has approached you to discuss opportunities for automating this process, ideally in a situation where once the invoice has been verified and approved for payment, that the system would automatically create and post payment journals.

they would want to specify the condition for going through automation based on invoice amount. If the total invoice amount exceeds a threshold amount defined by the business, the payment journal can be created but not posted and has to go through approval. The threshold amount may vary per vendor.

And what’s your question?

my question is avoid manual posting of vendor payment through payment journal in AP.

client want this posting automated.

so how to create and post payment journal by x++ and how to create and activate workflow if Total Invoice amount > threshold value.

Thanks !

First of all, look at the code called by ‘Generate Payment’. Then you’ll probably need to implement a batch (using SysOperation framework) that will select applicable records and call the same logic for each of them.

If you want to create a workflow, you probably should do it first and return to the batch later.

Thanks Martin for your quick reply.

first i want to create Payment Journal header and then need to find the respective vendor transaction which need to settle then need to create journal line

after that i need to check debit amount > threshold amt then need to create and activate workflow.

so can you pl guide me how i proceed.

appreciate your feedback…


For generating payments code look at,

I have never seen a company who want to create and post automatic payment journals. This is about money that flows out of a company. You should use a payment proposal to generate the journal. This taks is standard and easy to use. A user MUST review the outcome on correct data also to prevent possible fraud. Who will ensure an approved and posted vendor invoice has not been altered with another bank account?
So I would suggest to take responsibility and warn the customer about possible fraud. I would never agree building such a customization.

If the process is slow, then analyze why it is slow. In the past I have seen issues on the payment proposal caused by bad SQL maintenance and also improved performance by disabling Sales tax in the payment proposal. If there is no sales tax applicable, this can also be considered. There can be more reasons why the proposal might be slow, but you need to measure then what exactly causes it.