How to create a process only report for vendor payments to suppliers for goods sold journal

I need to create a Process only report that will generate a Payment Journal lines for vendor only for the sold items lets say if i bought 10000 worth of merchandise and sold only 5000 worth and the date that i have to pay to the vendor is today the function needs to generate the lines,

anyone knows how its done? thanks in advance.

I would take a look at the current suggest vendor payments functionality and take the documents it is suggesting, check for the condition you are talking about and change the amount accordingly. Put a check box in the options so the users can run it normally or according to these rules.

where would i find the data about the sold items lets say quantity sold etc… at specific dates?

I don’t know your business logic but I would look at the Item Ledger entries because as soon as the item is shipped, it will be relieved from inventory. If you purchase the same item from more than one vendor, you may need to look into lot tracking to identify which item shipped from which vendor.

Another possibility would be to look at the Sales Lines and Sales Invoice Lines. When and item is sold, it should be shipped on the sales order and/or invoiced. Shipped will be in the sales line table and Invoiced will be in Sales Invoice Line table.

thanks will look and try to make one :slight_smile: