variable message with newlines

I know how to use message(’%1%2%3’,line1, line2, line3); How can I have a variable number of lines ? I’ve a report which builds its message as it progresses, and displays it on completion, but the ‘’ characters get displayed as just ‘’, rather than newline: onaftergetrecord … msg := msg + ‘my data NNN’; … onpostreport message(’%1’,msg); What do I put into message to get (a variable number of) newlines ?

You could define two variables of type “Char” and assign those values: CR := 13; LF := 10; In your report you could do this: msg := msg + mydata + FORMAT(CR) + FORMAT(LF); Have not tested, maybe it works …




use MESSAGE(msg); instead. When using MESSAGE(msg); Navision “parses” the msg variable and interprets the " " within the text as line breaks, whereas message(’%1’,msg) takes the msg text as it is… Saludos Nils

That’s done it - thanks. I thought the first param had to be a constant.