Validations with CHANGECOMPANY

When we are in company A and doing a CHANGECOMPANY on the Sales Header to company B for example and then we do a validation of Sell-to Customer No. of company B, why does the validation is made with company A?

Hi, Navision does this unfortunately. A way to get around this is to put your intercompany documents in a seperate table which is shared over the companies and let a seperate client or nas do the validations or postings in the right company. An other way is to rewrite the validations for multicompany but this is loads of work.

This is of course exactly what Navision should do. If you change the Sales header, on a form, you are only changing ONE record variable. There are another few hundred that you also need to change. As Marq says, you will need to think this through completely, and design an intercompany solution. If you do a search ON THIS SITE you will find plenty of helpfull information about how to do this. Of course once you have your design together and have more specific questions, post them here to get more help.