Navision intercompany

As everyone knows, intercompany functionality is not a standard solution in Navision. Several solutions are available, but was is the best? Problem seems to be that modify triggers aren’t called when modifying records from another company? In our case, a replication service has been build using an application server, and I have seen other options. Anyone with eperience? Is navision planning to do something about this? We try too reach larger customers, which are sattisfied by the whole package except the lack of intercompany functionality.

Peter, please specify what do you mean by intercompany functionality? We have 165 companies in our Navision db and it seems to be running OK. [:)]

For example trading from one company to another, purchase on the one side is selling on the other.

Hi Peter, I remember reading about this in the Biztalk Server which is infact released since 2.60. There is a exchange of Digital Signatures. Are both your companies in the same Db. If yes then you can use the CHANGECOMPANY to enter data into another company (Not Standard/ Customization solution). If you are running on SQL Server then you can use DTS service and then make a codeunit in navision to validate or rewrite the information.

The change company solution seems to be a difficult one because of certain triggers not being called using this function? I am not a developer, but thats the thing I heard… Bizztalk is very nice but also very expensive, and besides I am talking about two companies in one databse indeed. Thanks anyway

We create a module to transfer: - purchase orders to sales orders. - Purchase receitp to sales receipt (and Drop shipments). - Posted purchase invoices / credit memo to Sales invoices/Credit memo to modify manually. - Transfer items data from Head Office to Affiliates (Create new item, update purchase / sales prices, …). Best regads from BCN