US Sales Tax implementation

Hi, My company is rolling out NF W1 on a global scale. We are currently trying to set the system to work in the US but have hit a problem with the Sales Tax not being configured properly. Is the Sales Tax set-up in W1 suitably configured to be applied to a US site or are there several changes that need to be made? If so, could you shed some light as to what those changes are and how big they would be? Many Thanks Chris

The NA version has considerable changes to address taxes in both US and Canada. The best idea might be to get ahold of a copy to look at the differences. Also, in theory (I haven’t tried), the W1 tax setup should still work in the NA version, so if you need both W1 taxes and NA taxes, you might be better using the NA version (Again I don’t know if you need to be in NA to use that version).