Canadian PST and VAT

We are looking at setting up a Canadian subsidiary company and I need to know how to set this up in Navision. I have a US/CA version of Navision but from my playing around I cant work out how to get VAT and PST calculating together. I can only seem to get one working at a time. I have set up the VAT and the VAT Posting Groups which seem OK and I have set up the Provincial Sales Taxes using the Tax Areas/Jurisdictions etc. How do you get both calculating together?

Hi Simon What version of Navision are you looking to use to setup teh VAT & PST together?

We’re using 2.6 AD.

Hi Simon There is actually a North American localisation for sales tax which will allow you to create any combinations of sales tax (e.g. PST & GST). Also note if you are dealing with Canada there is actually different tax combinations in each province and Navision’s VAT is not used. Regards, Derek

Derek, Does this mean that you set up the VAT in the Sales Tax area as another Tax jurisdiction, basically as another Sales tax, and then add both the PST and the VAT to the Tax Area?

Hi Simon Yeah you’ll have GST (not Vat) and PST as the tax jurisdictions and then they will be combined in an area (Say British Columbia). That area would be associated with a Customer or your internal Location. You don’t touch any of the VAT setup at all apart from in the tax posting setup make the first line sales tax for the tax calculation type field. Derek