Urgently need some guidance on AX2012

Hi all,

I am new in dynamics ax 2012 and gone through some basic concepts of morphx and x++. Can anyone guide me how should i proceed now. if anyone can provide me with material on how customisation is done that will be really helpful.

thanks and regards


Are you with a partner, an end user or just learning freelance?


I am only aware of information available through partnersource and customersource. No idea how freelancers keep up to date or learn, training courses?

Hi Ankit,

With every release MS is pushing boundaries of AX and AX 2012 is no different. As Steve mentioned taking a training course leading to certification on programming could be the best option for you.

If you have any queries on any part of AX please do not hesitate to ask them here. But first make sure you search for them here.

Thanks for replying… much appreciated…