Uploaded projects in download section

I have uploaded the 2 projects from my blog (http://axaptafreak.blogspot.com) to the download section here on the Dynamics User Group site.
The projects are:

  • Display AOS name in online user form
  • Search for itemid in config id query
    (Somehow I cannot make a link to the correct download page here, so please click on the button in the top bar).

Thank you Helmut!

Are these the ones?

Project: Display session’s AOS name in online user form

Project: Search for item id in config id lookup (in queries)

If so, then when you are in design mode in the editor, just click on the “Add Content button” which will open a browser back to the download section, find the download you want, and select it.

I am sure I posted a thread earlier on how to do this, but now can’t find it.