Upgrading from Navision Attain 3.60 to Dynamics NAV 5.0

Has anyone actually done an upgrade to Dynamics NAV 5.0 yet?

If so, would you be prepared to pass on any useful advice to those of us yet to experience this?

I took a quick look on PartnerSource and the 5.0 download page says that the upgrade toolkit for 5.0 is not due until July/August. Does that mean we will not be able to upgrade until then?

I know it’s a bit sad to reply to my own posting but I took a look on mibuso for this topic and it seems the general concensus is we must wait for the upgrade toolkit.

So I guess this thread will go on hold until July/August - and then the advice will come flooding in. [:P]

I have done a couple of upgrades without using the Upgrade tool kit, but they were for a specific reason. The only case I remember now was one client where inventory was such a mess, that we brought over open entries and one year of history into an Item journal and reposted. Stuff like that. Much as though it was a completely new install.

Other than those specific cases, then really you should ALWAYS use the upgrade tool kit. So the answer is … wait.

I’m considering upgrading from Nav 3.6 to 5 and looking for a reference…preferably a manufacturing company.

Does anyone know of any larger-sized manufacturers that have migrated to Nav 5?

Hi Josh,

I will be starting an upgrade from 3.10 to 5.00 on Tuesday. Its manufacturing and HEAVILY modified, so should more than cover your situation. I will be documenting the issues both here on The Dynamics User Group, AND on the Dynamics Book Wiki, so I hope this will help.

sorry i am newbie for upgrade version

after we successfully delete objects, what should we do?

I export all form from original cronus nav 5 sp 1

and then import them to database I want to upgrade

but failed… is it right the way I do it?

You should run upgrade toolkit for your localization and version gap. You can find it on Partner Source.
Then you will be able to import 5.0 objects.

Hi Stan,

Just go through the ‘Upgrade Quickguide’ documents that come with the Upgrade Toolkit and generally will be contained in the ‘Documentation’ folder.

This is a compact document which briefs you with all the steps of the Upgrade. A very handy one indeed.

Error while importing NEW objects:

a) When you’re upgrading from Ver A to Ver B, the table structures get changed.
b) Since you delete all objects other than tables, and then try to Import the tables with a NEW Structure, when the Table with OLD structure already contains data, it naturally gives an error.


using upgrade tool kit, is it must do in the navision database first and then backup restore to sql server?

while i want to import all object after delete object, there is a error message that told me it that I couldn’t create Company Information

so… is it because my license?

what module that we need to do the upgrade?

so I already what i had mistaken

I exported to txt file… it should be fob file

my step is :

  1. create new database.

  2. restore database.

  3. export object (nav old version) to fob

  4. import Upgrade400500.1.fob

4.Transfer Data

  1. delete objects

6.import object that i exported in step 3

  1. import object (new nav version)

→ I stopped at this step, because there were too many crash of my fields

so… am I right doing the step??

Hi Stan,

You went wrong in Step 3. If you’re upgrading Ver A to Ver B, you have to export the Objects of Version B (the newer version) in to FOB. Now, after Step 5, you have to import these NEWER version objects to your database.

If you Step 4 has not completed properly, i.e. if data in some fields still remain, then you’ll get errors in Step 6 (Which should be importing the New version objects).

Hope you got it!!! [8-|]


Okay Thank You Vikram

so the object data I should import is the new version right?

at Step 4, Transfer data is successful

but at step 7 Import new objects,it always failed

the step :

  1. create new database.

  2. restore database.

  3. export object (nav NEW version) to fob

  4. import Upgrade400500.1.fob

5.Transfer Data

  1. delete objects

  2. import object (new nav version)

The eror message while I import object new version is

“You cannot delete or change the type of the use of main warehouse field (In the location table) before the value of the field is reduce to 0 or blank in all records. This message occured because a nonzero value was found on the record code =‘GTR’ in company ***”

should I empty the data in all table before I import the new objects?

Yes, you should empty the field before you import the newer version objects. As your message clearly states that there is some value in the field. So, in order to import the new tables, you must empty the data in this/these field/s. But do have this in mind that if you want the data in the ‘to be deleted’ fields in the newer version, you should transfer the data to some Temp table. After the newer version object has been imported, you can transfer the data from temp table to your main table.

how to empty the tables?

should we delete them one by one?

I already transfer data before I delete objects

so now can I delete all the data in tables?

Just to illustrate:

Old Version: Table ABC has fields 1. Name → Text 30, 2. Age → Integer, 3. Address → Text 100, Billing Preference → Option

NEW Version: Table ABC has fields 1. Name → Text 30, 2. Age → Integer, 3. Address → Text 100, Billing Preference → Code 20

Now while upgrading, if you had any data in Billing Preference field in the Old version, and that data didn’t go in to temp tables while doing the Transfer Data step, then you will get an error when you try to replace the New version objects for the Old Version.

What is to be done? In such cases,

a) if you don’t want to retain the data in a certain field, before you do the DELETE OBJECTS step, delete the data in that field using a Report or a SQL Query (If you’re running on a SQL DB).

b) If you want to retain the data, go back to your drawing board, customize the Transfer Data STEP 1 and STEP 2 code units to transfer you data To and From Temp tables to your main tables.


I have added column in old version

Enabled Field No. Field Name Data Type Length Description
Yes 50001 Use As Consignment In Boolean
Yes 50002 Local Transit Boolean
Yes 50003 Main Warehouse Boolean
Yes 50004 Use As Consignment Out Boolean
Yes 50005 Allow Negative Stock Boolean
Yes 50006 Use As Outlet Boolean
Yes 50007 Use As Exhibition Warehouse Boolean
Yes 50008 Use As Main Warehouse Boolean

in new version (nav 5 sp 1), there’re only until

Enabled Field No. Field Name Data Type Length Description
Yes 7700 Use ADCS Boolean

so… do you mean I must delete the 50001-50008 column?

or maybe… do I need developer toolkit?

what version do I have to use for nav 5 sp 1?

Developers Toolkit : Helps you to compare two sets of objects from different versions e.g. for comparing objects from Old and New versions. Also, it automatically merge these sets and creates a NEW set of objects (I for one would not recommend to use this Auto-Merge Option of NDT because it may not give you the right result).

So, Stan, what you can do in your case is:

a) Decide whether you want to retain the data in those customized fields. If yes, work on the Transfer Data object.
b) If you decide not to retain the OLD data in the customized fields, work on how you can delete the DATA in those customized fields.

As mentioned earlier, you can use Navision Developers Toolkit Version 2.00 SP3 with Navision 5 SP1 version. It works fine.