Upgrade issue


We are on upgrade Ax 2009 from Rollup 5 to Rollup 8.

After some tests we have seen that some hotfix is missing into the Rollup 8.

In Details:

The hotfix KB2032600 is not into the Ax 2009 Service Pack 1, Rollup 8 (Build 5.0.1500.6491).

I have also check some different Rollup Version.

This hotfix KB2032600 exists in Rollup 5, Rollup 6 and Rollup 7, but not in Rollup 8 anymore.

The objects are:




And in Rolup 8 has None Change in layer syp anymore.

into the attachment you have the xpo with the Hotfix.

Can any explain why this hotfix isn’t into the Rollup 8?