AX 2009 Process Industries Build Number

Dear all,

Recently I found a new rollup update for AX 2009 Process Industries 3.1. In partner source’s site, rollup 8 for process industries build number is 5.0.1500.6498.

I’ve done install update for rollup 8 then followed by installing update rollup 8 for process industries. I also already finish upgrade checklist (compile application, detect project conflict and no conflict is found, synchronize database). Here is my build number information :

Kernel version : 5.0.1500.6491

Application version : 5.0.1500.6491 / PMF050131

Solution version : PMF05013122 / PMF05013122-1500.6491.066

Process industries build number : PMF05013122 / PMF05013122-1500.6491.065

And I can’t find my build number is 5.0.1500.6498 now. My questions are :

  1. what should I do? I’ve try to re-install process industries rollup 8 update but my application not listed as upgradeable application.

  2. do I miss step when installing rollup for process industries?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Jefry,

I’m trying to do the same procedure as you, I have AX2009 + SP1 + RU8 and trying to do a fresh installation of Process industries.

But in the update wizard, application files can’t be selected or is disabled. Could you tell me how to install this add-on freshly for AX2009?