update 5000 item in items table

hello all i need help plz

i have items table with 110000 items and i need to chang price of 5000 item according to excel sheet contain these 5000 items how i can do this ?

Do you want to update your ILE (“Cost Item(actual)”)also with new price then can use Standard Cost Worksheet.

or If you want to update Price on Item card only then create dataport using Item table and import the csv file or txt file with new item price.



thanks abhishek


For sales prices there is the Sales Price Worksheet for both Item and Sales Price tables.

thank you dave i will explain my problem by details i have item table and in this table one option field has 5 option used in classfication

of items to be previewed in areport via this option field these items changed monthly items may be 5000 or more i need to update nav item tale (option field) using an excel sheet containing item no. and class

can you help me please

Hi Samer,

You have a couple of options i.e. you can use a dataport / XMLport or code it to update the information straight out of Excel.

The easiest would be to import from the Excel file - have a look at the import budget report for an example (report 81)

sorry dave but permissions problem still i can not design any form or report or any thing i need to design same report81 to update but permissions !! [8o|] do you have any details about this problem

thanks alot dave for helping me

Hi Samer,

You need a partner license or the report designer granule on your license to read the code in report 81.

This is using the function call in the Excel Buffer table - probably best to ask you partner for help.