unable to close the gate entry


I have attached a purchase order and post it but the status was not changed to close.

In Standard Navision 5.0, we do not have a status as “Close” we only have "Open, Released, Pending Approval & Pending Prepayment.

Is your Navision Customized?



Mr. Reddy,

What Mr. Yash says about the Gate entry status , but you are talking about the Purchase order status.

when it comes to query

Mr. Yash it is working properly in my database.

Let me know which version you are working.

Follow these steps :

  1. Create the Purchase order before the gate entry inward

  2. Fill the Information of header & Line in Gate entry Inward and attach the Purchase order number

  3. Post the gate entry inward

  4. Now the gate entry inward status = OPEN

  5. Select the Purchase order

  6. Using the Get gate entry lines , Attach posted gate entry – inward with the purchase order you have created earlier

  7. Now post the purchase order

  8. After posting the purchase order, again view the posted gate entry – inward that you have attached with the purchase order

  9. You can see in the above screen that Status field has value as Closed, after posting the purchase order with gate entry – inward.

Let me Know the status .

OOPS!! Sorry, I had mistaken it. I have no Idea on this.