Total discount (purchase) doesn't work?

Hi All,

I created a trade agreement of type total discount (purchase), the only one i have.

Account code: all, item code: all.

From 5 to 20, unit: quantity, amount in currency: 50 eur,

from date: 28/11/2012, to date: 28/11/2012,

discount % 1 = 10 %

discount % 2 = 0 %

In module inventory & warehousemanagement > set up > inventory > item groups

i set a ledger account (posting type: sales tax) for ‘purchase discount’ in purchase tab.

I create a PO, quantity 6, amount 60.

So 5 < quantity < 20 and amount > 50, so trade agreement must be working.

I click on ‘Total discount’ in calculate tab, but no total discount is calculated (not in fasttab on PO-header, on confirmation letter total discount is 0 euro…)

Have someone an idea what i do wrong? (Multiline discount works…)



Is the Price Activation matrix in setup is Total discount selected?

yes, i select all checkboxes (for price, line discount, multiline discount and total discount)

Can you remove the end date.

Are there any dimension warning messages on the trade agreement?

Do all of the elements in the line match those on the trade agreement?


  1. Removing the end date isn’t possible on the existing trade agreement so i deleted it in the AOT and created a new one without end date but with exactly the same parameters.

  2. No

  3. Yes, because quantity (6) is between 5 and 20 and amount (60) > 50. And item code and account code are both ‘all’ so trade agreement should be activated for all suppliers and all items…

It still doesn’t work…


Do one more thing. In the GL setup, account for automatic posting, create a record for vendor invoice discount and assign the ledger.



did this (with an arbirtrary ledger account) but still doesn’t work…;(

Hey Frederik,

Did you checked the at Item level (master) and vendor level (master) that you assigned Total discount group ? Or did you checked at PO header this Total discount group is assigned to PO or not?Check once these settings.


Removing the end date is possible and you can delete them from teh journal - use the standard functionality, there is a good reason you do not do this in the AOT.

Please screen shot your PO line and TA.


How can you remove the end date or the complete journal line? The field ‘end date’ isn’t editable when journal is posted…

Trade agreement header + line:



At item level the checkbox ‘Total discount’ is checked.

At Vendor level i assigned a total discount group. But this is not necessary to assign a total disc group because the account code is ‘All’ so it is applicable for all vendors, i think?



PO (header view):

In the other reply, you can see the screenshots of the trade agreement + PO (line view)

I still hope we can solve this problem…

However, thanks to spend your time on this!

The TA does not have a UOM but the purchase line does - this is a key matching point on the TA so blank-Quantity does not match so it will not be called.

But when i fill in ‘quantity’ in the field ‘unit’ and i save (CTRL + S), the field ‘unit’ will be empty (also with other kind of units) …

To change the end date you bring the entry into the price/discount journal and use the copy and revise function (it creates a new line rather than an edit because of the nature of the line). Bit like selecting all agreeements for deletion to remove them.

I do not understand this statement - you pick the UOM on teh TA and it defaults on the order line and is convertable hence the need for it. If the UOM does not match it does not call the code. I would suggest you do not do all and all, pick a specific item to do total discounts on, all and all based on quantity is not really a valid setup.

ok, so when i copy and revise the first line, a second line is created and first line isn’t used anymore?

But what in the situation you have two trade agreements (each with 1 line) with overlap of period?

However, The unit-field (so previous reply) will be empty when i save the line…So Total discount still doesn’t work (if the unit-problem is the reason…)

ok, I’ll try

Not possible to select a specific item if ‘Total disc (purchase)’ is chosen…See screenshot: i’ve selected the field item code but you can see it isn’t editable…

So pick the Unit as “Quantity” and then try. I was applying discount logic not total discount, so this is applied to the vendor not the item.

On the overlapping of dates issue you should never do this, AX will then pick the first one it finds, you always need to control your start and end dates strictly to avoid issues.

But that’s the problem…I want to set ‘Quantity’ as unit but when I save, the unit disappears…So no unit is filled in on the trade agreement line…