To skip the report printing in NAV 2009

Hi everyone,

I have customized a report in NAV 2009 to export it to a csv file. I have kept a boolean “Export to csv” in the request form of the report. So when it is true, the processed data gets exported to a csv file. Now the report runs every time and prints along with the exports. Is there any way to make the report run like a process only report without showing any output when the “export to csv” boolean is true in the request form? I tried using Currreport.skip and showoutput functions. But i am not getting the required results. Any help would be much apprecieated. Thanks in advance.


It depends how it has been developed. Most of the standard NAV reports with an Export to Excel function also creates the report/preview. If you use SHOWOUTPUT then you need to do it in the triggers of all the data items, currReport.SKIP should generally not be used to suppress printing, that’s more if you want to Skip a record.

The Process Only option exists, but that would disable printing.

If the report is not to do anything than exporting to CSV, then it should really not have been developed as a report. A dataport (if classic) or XML port (if RTC) would have been able to do it much easier.