How to stop a report from printing in 2009 classic client

I have created a report which is Processing only = false and Use Request From = false too.

Now when i RUN this report from a FORM a print command will be sent to the printer.

But what i want is not to print the report i just want it to run but i can not make it Processing Only = true.

Is there any other method to stop printing report in this case.

Any suggestions please…

Thank You.

Try to delete all sections, then set it to processing only = true.

No sir i can not delete the sections.

Its a standard navision report.

Any other method.

Oh wait, I think think I understood your problem wrong. You want to only show the report in print preview right? I think this is not possible directly. You could try to use SendKeys…like setting the report to show the request form and on the requestform you have code to send the shortcut for print preview to the client. This way the the request form would show up very shortly and then it would go right into print preview.

Hi Pooja

try this [Y]

Report - OnPreReport()