Tax Exempt IDs with Jobs

We use Jobs. The Bill-To customer provides the Tax Exempt ID and we store this on the Ship-To Customer Card. The problem is that the Ship-to May already have a Tax Exempt ID, but we have to use the one provided by the Bill-To. This means that after the job is over, we have to remember to go back into the Ship-to’s card and put the old Tax Exempt ID in. What I would like is to set up Tax Exempt Ids on the Job Card and have all sales documents from the job pull from these Tax Exempt IDs. This way, I could set up the customer cards with different tax ids and sales documents outside of jobs would pull the correct ids. Has anyone done this or thought of a different way to handle this scenario?

Your suggestion sounds ok. But I don’t understand where you have the Ship-to address from? On the job card you only have the Bill-to Customer No. - and thus it will always use the Tax Exempt ID from the Bill-To Customer No. - unless you of cause add the Ship To Code to the Job Card and also modify the Get Job codeunit.