SubForm enabled/disabled

Hello, I’m trying to do a form with a subform. Subform is tabular. On MainForm, there is 6 option button with same source expression On Validate of option button, I test the value of source expression and I disable or Enabled subform. So User can’t make selection in subform if the value is not x. subf is the name of my subform But : - If on design, I set proprety enabled on “No” for Subform, When I do CurrForm.subf.ENABLED(TRUE), left arrow will colored from gray to black (normal), BUT its all that do… I can’t select on subform… Why?? (I do refresh of Mainform and subform…) - … So I do currForm.subf.Enabled(FALSE) on the openform of MainForm. With the onvalidate, I can do currForm.subf.ENABLED(TRUE), refresh of all form … And I can select in subform… BUT :confused: Some Rows are still gray … and I can select them, when I select, rows are now black Caption of subform are still gray, … My Code on trigger of option button: //liens is my subform //choix is my source expression OnValidate() IF choix = 1 THEN CurrForm.liens.ENABLED(TRUE) ELSE CurrForm.liens.ENABLED(FALSE); OnAfterValidate() CurrForm.UPDATE; CurrForm.liens.FORM.Refresh; Navision Financial 2.6E Edited by - geoffreyd78 on 2002 Jun 26 14:37:47

CurrForm.liens.visible(choix = 1);

No, I would to keep the subform always visible

After CurrForm.leins.enabled(TRUE); add CurrForm.leins.ACTIVATE;