SQL option: a servey of used hardware

There have been many questions about the type and size of hardware to use for Navision Financials/Attain with SQL option. It is hard to give THE answer to these questions although a lot of answers have been given. Still a lot of people, including myself, are in doubt about what hardware to use for Navision with SQL option. I Guess most of these questions come from a lack of experience with SQL option on different servers with different usage characteristics. I think that these people, for sure myself, are served with information the other way around. This means information on the usage of SQL server in combination with specific hardware and load (transactions). For this sake I would like to initiate a survey (in the form of this thread) about deployment of SQL option: - Navision version / SQL server version - Concurrent sessions - Sales order/lines per day and/or General Ledger entries per day or something like this - Hardware: Server type: Processor(s), memory, disk system, cluster, network - Performance Qualification: Good, Average or Bad - any other useful information Hopefully this will lead to a list of used configurations with its qualification. When it does I possibly will create some kind of compare sheet and make it available to the usegroup. Please, would anyone using or having installed the SQL option specify there experience to create some form of knowledge base. Thanx Teunis.

Come on - there are a lot of SQL-Installations. Share your experience :slight_smile: