SQL Server versus Navision DB

I know there are loads of old discussions regarding using SQL Server versus the C/SIDE database, but I would like the latest opinions on this matter for new installations using 3.60 or 3.70 that are based on actual experience(s). Aside from the database size limit of 64G for Navision and that SQL is fully ODBC compliant, what are the current advantages and disadvantages for each? In particular, I’d like information regarding performance, maintenance, reliability, report writing consequences (using the built-in report writer), hardware implications and any thing else of significance. I’d also like to know what it takes to port from C/SIDE to SQL Server and what the current “gotcha’s” are when porting. Appreciate all answers. Thanks, Alan

Puhhhh…[xx(] That wasn’t just a few questions… I think You should read the postings regarding SQL versus Native that has been posted the last six months. You’ll find it all there. I don’t think we wan’t to go over all that again by starting a thread with 20+ posts. You should also talk to an NSC which has experience of both environments.

Lars, What I explicitly asked for are answers based on actual experience. I’ve done multiple searchs and read through many of the discussions - perhaps not the right ones. If you can point me to the correct discussion thread(s), I would be most appreciative. Thanks, Alan

Just a little suggestion: I think I heard Navision has upgraded it’s navtive databse size a couple of months ago to 128 gig?

Lars, you’re “Puhhhh” is well founded. The best information appears to be in topic #5986. Three pages worth, in fact. I’m a bit embarrased for not finding it the first time I searched. Anyway, the initial replies by Lars and Christi are a pretty good synopsis of the issue, and the ensuing replies provide alot of additional information. Makes good reading if you haven’t read the topic and this is an issue for you.

Thank’s for not beeing upset by my first reaction. [;)] Hope You found the answers needed.