SQL Express: Is it needed run NAVision?


Good day to all! I know that SQL Express is a free software for you to manage your database within your company. I know that also that SQL express has the ability to connect your database to a live server with a SQL Standard and can manipulate your database using a single system with SQL Express installed. Do we need to install Express in our workstations? If yes, what’s the reason behind it when we have installed the Standard in our server. If not needed, is there any impact when it comes to workstations connecting to a server with SQL Standard.

I know this is a beginners question but I honestly dont know the reason of it. If some one can provide an information about this I would appreciate it so much for our learning of our team’s company.

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You don’t need SQL Server express to work together with NAV. If during installation of NAV it tries to install SQL Server express you can press cancel in SQL Server installation and continue installing,


As Nuno say then you don’t need SQL Server, neither express or any other version on your clients.

The reason that it want install the SQL Server Express version when you install the client is only because Microsoft did not make a DEMO client and a “real” client.


Thanks for the information. got it