Special contact lookup

Hi, I created a new type Site in the contacts. A company can have 1 or more Site’s and a Site can have 1 or more persons,also 1 person can belong to 1 or more Site’s. I have created a new table CompSitePersLink which exists of the fields: CompanyNo SiteNo PersonNo Now I want to write a lookup for the contacts which follows the structure of the CompSitePersonLink table. Example: lets say John works for Navision Belgium and Navision Denmark. Company : Navision Site: Navision Belgium Person : John Site : Navision Denmark Person : John So the lookup should look like : Navision Navision street 9 … Navision Belgium Belgium street 9 … John John street 9 … Navision Denmark Denmark street 9 … John John street 9 … Now I have changed OnNextRecord() in the lookup list form so that he first reads the next record of the CompSiteLink table and then gets the corresponding contact record. That works well but for some reason i get to see the contacts double[?][:(] The code in the OnNextRecord() looks like this: CurrentSteps := GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.NEXT(Steps); IF CurrentSteps <> 0 THEN BEGIN IF GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContPersonNo <> ‘’ THEN GET(GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContPersonNo) /// person ELSE IF GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContEstablishmentNo <> ‘’ THEN GET(GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContEstablishmentNo) /// site ELSE IF GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContCompanyNo <> ‘’ THEN GET(GRec_CompEstabPersonLink.ContCompanyNo); /// company END; EXIT(CurrentSteps); Thanks, Wendy.