Showing alternative Page nos. in Report

Hi all,

I want my report to have page numbers in alternative manner.

i.e page no. 1

page no. 3

page no. 5

page no. 7

…so on.

so please kindly help me in getting solution for this.

thank you

if in classic,

first time assign 1 for pagenum variable and from later

PgNum := PgNum + 2;

Hi Mohan,

Can you slightly elaborate the solution for my sake please…

thank you…

somethink like…

IF PgNum = 0 then
PgNum := 1
PgNum := PgNum + 2;

In your header-section (OnPreSection) you may state:

IF CurrReport.PAGENO > 1 THEN
CurrReport.PAGENO := CurrReport.PAGENO + 1;

Thank you very much Anfinnur…