Setting up multiple warehouses in AX

Hi All,

What is the process of creating multiple branches for any company in AX. The scenario is that the accounting will be maintained in the main State(Branch) whereas the items dispatching will be done from respective states (warehouses). Depending on the invoice dispatching warehouse, the no. sequence, delivery address will change in the invoice. Is there any setup available in AX for Indian customization or we need to develop it.

There are alternate addresses available in AX in company information but still the address on the report is coming from the main company information head.

Thanks in advance.

didnt get you,

you need to print main warehouse add. or branch warehouse add…??

if branch add you wanted to print its Ax std functionality. use branch warehouse as your delivery warehouse and make it reffil by manin warehouse

you can read about this in manuals

Hi Hardik,

Thanks for your reply.

I want to show delivery addresses on the Sales Invoice report. But it is always showing address from Company information. Even after using alt. addresses in Company info, it displays the main company address only.

For Ex:

Company Information address : Delhi

Delivered from Warehouse address : Bangalore

Selected Bangalore Warehouse but still after posting, the invoice report prints Delhi bcz it is picking address from Company information only. Any setup for the same as i am not technical or don we need to change the report.

No sir, but in invoice formate i thing it is compulsory to show company address. and ax std report shows where delivery is taking place like warehouse and for add u have to customise

The invoice report will show the Company Address. And Invoice Address as Customer Address.

As Hardik said you need customize it. Don’t disturb the two addresses add one more as delivery from where you can display your dispatch site/warehouse address…