Serverdate/Servertime ?

Hi everybody! I’d like to log some activities (data modifications, db access, etc.) in a table, including a date/time-stamp (TODAY, TIME). The Problem is, that users can change their system-date/time (wile date/time is synchronized at startup!), producing a false log-entry. To avoid this, i would like to read the date/time from a client or server, where users can’t change the system-date/time. My quick & dirty solution is: - a NT server is writing (batch, at) the date/time to a file every xx seconds, every client has access to this file - the log-program reads this file and uses the information Problems: - Errors can occur, caused by read/write conflicts - The Date/Time-File, which is not and must not be on the NAVISION-Server, could be unreachable (network errors) Has anybody an idea, how to realize a “serverdate” and “servertime”?

Try some commands for setting the PC’s clock from a network server. If I remember things right there where in Novell a command “settime” or something like this that syncronized the PC’s clock with a server. If You find something similar You could run that command with SHELL from Your code or maybe from a timer on the main form or something like that. Just an idea…

Good advice! Our network-admin told me the right command, and it work’s! I knew there would be an easier way ;c) Thanx a lot! Bye, joerg stryk

Of course, this works even better if the clients are all synchronized with a server which actually has the right time. This sounds like a pretty obvious thing— but most places where I’ve worked have servers with the wrong time. The reason for that is because usually someone in the machine room sets the time to match the time on an oldfashioned analog clock on the other side of the room. There are many programs which will coordinate your computer’s clock with a time server. Use them! Failing that, get a shortwave radio and coordinate the clock with WWV. ------- Tim Horrigan

We don’t have an analog clock in our serverroom, it’s too expensive ;c)) But I can live with a wrong time, if ALL clients write logs with the same wrong time … greetings, joerg stryk