Date/Time on Server vs. Client

Hi NOLUG, the AL-function TODAY returns the current date of the client PC. For some of our users it is necessary to change date on then client for other activities/programs than Navision. Is it possible to get (however) the date which is the current date on the server? We noticed that the “last login date” is always the real current date, so it must be the server date. Unfortunatly table 1 cannot be accessed by normal users. We thought of copying this date to a ST-table, but that means, that a supervisor must login before any other user logs in on a new day. Has anybody a idea how to solve this problem? Thanks, Marc

Hello, the problem is the same in Navision Financials. What I understand, you have to do this (Pertains to Win NT 4 server): a) You have to give all users the permission to change system time on the local machine. b) You have to create a logon script, retreiving the PDC/BDC time to the client machine. Then you are in the ballpark. Maybe there is a more secure way to accomplish this out there. If so, Gurus, please tell us! Pelle

Hi, we have N3.56.A running on a Unix-system. Many users still have Win95, so we can’t avoid that these users change the client date/time. On the other hand many NT users must have the permission to change date/time on the client. Actually we have a login script that sets the right time on the client. But you still have this unkown paramteter “user”. (Sorry users!) Marc