Send Email With Report

Dear All,

I have report in which due date field is there, that due date field is calculated by a variable.

if the due date match with today date then a email should be send. i m using Nav2013R2.

Hi Seemab,

And what is your question?

What I understand is you want to send an email if Due date is TODAY date in the System.

Did you tried anything?

Check this out for help…/250528

My question exactly is what RockWithNAV has said…

So RWN’s reply answer your question? Or?

And he asked you a question, if you had tried anything to get there? Is the report already functional, have you email enabled it? So where are you in the process? Have you made a task to run in the job queue to automate it?

YES i have tried, using SMTP Mail codeunit but its not working.

What is not working? Do you get any errors or what happens?

My email part is working now, i want to show data in mail body in table format, for that i m using html but not working its show like this

Export Invoice No Export Shipment No Port of Loading Port of Discharge

How does you code look link? You are using codeunit 400 - “CreateMessage” and “AppendBody”?


Are you passing last parameter as TRUE??

yes i am using codeunit 400

No i am passing it false

That’s the problem. If you want to send HTML formated mail, last parameter must be TRUE. If is FALSE, will be sent as plain text.

Change it to TRUE [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]