due date report

Hi all!!!

i have developed a report for the payment terms in nav 13 from vendor ledger entry, in this i have due date coming from the system whose calculating formula is ‘Document Date + Payment terms code’

Now i don’t want to change the systems working, i just want that in the report i made the due date should be ‘Posting Date+Payment terms code’. can someone please guide how can i do this??

Hi Yuneek,
You use the function CALCDATE function for this.

This is how i’m using it but it is showing error,

DTDate:=CALCDATE(Posting Date+Lead Time Call Formula)

can you please help me correct it.

Would help to know the error, when you say it displays and error!
Before you can use any functions in NAV, then you need to know the exact syntax.

Whenever you use functions, where you are not familiar with the correct syntax, is to use the SYMBOL menu from within the C/AL editor. It’s NAV’s old-time intellisense! In the F5 menu it shows you the basic syntax, but just press F1 from within the Symbol menu, then it will show you the full syntax incl. how to use the function.

i had already read it sir, but i was totally unable to understand it…so if you could please help me.

Exactly what don’t you understand? How to read a syntax description?

yes i did not understand the syntax… can you please write it down for me?

Sorry, but you want me to press F5 and copy it here for you?

no i don’t want you to that…

i would be happy if you could give me the syntax as required by me. As i am unable to use it.