Sales Credit Memo

I have posted some sales credit memos without exact cost reversing function active , because there was not one regular way in the time of posting documents in the system .

Sales Credit Memos are posted with unit cost that was in system in the moment of posting Later all other documents that has impact to the unit cost are posted in system and it’s done the average cost. (It’s run Adjust-Cost Item Entries)

But in the unit cost for the sales credit memos there is no any change. I want that unit cost for the sales credit memo to be revalutated as the sales invoices and internal moviment.

Does any one know any automatic way that correct costing amout for sales credit memos.

(I do not prefer to use Application Work Sheet and revalutation journal to correct the entres.)

Thanks in advance

The cost on the credit memo will never change, the item ledger transaction will, but the credit memo will not, a reason why costing reports are always written from the ledger transaction and not the document, the cost is simply a reflection of the cost when it was loaded, not the actual cost. If you look at the item ledger you will see the impact of the other costs posted to the system.

As i see the cost fo sales crdit memo is conisidered in the same way as purchase invoices.

I want that sales credit memos to be considered as internal moviment, so to be revaluated.

Whic is the setup that can do this?

Thanks in advance.


But that’s how it works already? When you create a credit memo then it takes the cost from the item card. Until you are reevaluating the cost.