Costing Issue.

Hi All,

I would like to have some solution to correct the price in sales cr. memo.

one of our customer posted Sales credit memo without applying the “Apply-from entry”. now the cost is wrong on Credit memo.

Navision - Ver 4 SP1
Costing method - is average costing.


  1. purchase - 2 times - 200 Qty each - 10$ each
  2. Sales - 100 qty - cost 10$ each - Selling price 15$
  3. purchase - 150 qty - 12$ each
  4. Sales - 150 qty - taken correct Avg. cost - Selling price 15$
  5. purchase - 100 qty - 12$ each
  6. Sales return (cr. memo) - 100 qty (step 2) - taken avg. cost instead of 10$ cost

After posting the cre. memo, the user has sold 50qty out of Saels Line.

how I can correct the same? Can any one help me on this?


M. Ramanath

Have you tried to unapply the credit memo from the customer ledger entry screen (New feature in 4.0), then apply it to the correct Sales Invoice.

you should be able to correct the value of Sales Return by using Item Revaluation Journal as follows:

  1. insert Item No.
  2. lookup Applies-to Entry field and select the sales return in Item Ledger Entry
  3. insert the right cost (10) in Unit Cost (Revalued) field
  4. post the journal

Depending upon your stock though this will not work as the revaluation is at average, so the cost adjusted affects all costs in stock, so although you may alter it to “x” it will be “y” due to average costing. [:D]


Is there is any other way to solve this costing issue. I am still facing problem on this.


M. Ramanath


Not sure what you have tried! Basically there is no way around the issue, especially with average costing. Have you tried removing all the stock performing the revaluation and then bringing the stock back in? You could item journal the items out ensuring you select the offending transaction then book them back in at the correct cost to revalue the average correctly, but reading you post if they have sold the 50 returned on the credit memo you also need to credit this sale back in and alter this stock and re-sell it. To correct it is not easy, so I am not sure if you are looking for an easy solution or one that works, and depending upon everything processed and being undone will depend upon it working or not.


did you try my suggestion?

since your wrong entry is an inbound you can revaluate it, even when costing method is average.

I made a try in 4.00 sp2 it worked fine.