Hi all,

As I’m new to NAV. What is RTC? i need to know that briefly…

thanks in advance.

Hi Santhosh,

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RTC = Role Tailored Client. It’s the name Microsoft used when in 2008 introducing the three-tiered architecture with a database server, an application server or service tier and the client together with NAV 2009. The old Windows client remained in NAV 2009 as the Classic Client, but since then the “name” RTC is out and replaced by just calling it the Windows Client.

Today with Business Central the RTC/Windows client is only available for on-premise customers, while BC SaaS only comes with the web client and the universal app clients (for Windows 10, smartphones and tablets).

Which version of NAV are you using?

thank you sir :wink:

You’re welcome, but please always remember to include which version of NAV your question is about. Either in the text of the question, or even better as a tag. Thank you in advance.

Sorry to not mention sir. I’m using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.