Requisition Worksheets & Sell-to-Customer No

Hello- My company just got the Requisition Worksheets module for NAV 3.7. When we click on the Sell-to-Customer No. field, our customer list appears. However, it will not allow us to select a customer from the list to populate the field. Without the Sell-to-Customer No. field filled, we are not able to populate the Ship-to field on the worksheet. The customer table appears to be linked to the worksheet since we can view the customer list in the Sell-to-Customer No. field. Does the field need to be activated in some way?

Can anyone tell me how to resolve this issue? Thank you!

Why do you need to specify the customer on the replenishment line, demand can be called from mixed mode, transfers, production, customers, reorder levels etc, in many cases the customer number is not relevant.

If you ue drop shipments then it is, but I am not sure if this would populate the field on the requisition worksheet, I suggest you try it, but only where there is a 1:1 relationship between supply and demand could this possibly be populated.