Sales Line Table

HI all! Does anybody know under what circumstances the “Purchase Order No.” and/or the “Purchase Order Line No.” fields are populated? I had expected the Req Worksheet function to affect these fields, but it doesn’t. I would like to use these fields for a modification, but if they are used by Navision somewhere, then I’ll create my own field.

The order no. is being created whenever a new record is initialised. This is done implicitly as the order no of the line is linked to the order no. of the header. The lineno. is created OnInsert of the line. This is done in the background because the AutoSplitKey property of form 54 is set to yes. Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Hi! Sorry, I wasn’t explicit enough. Under what circumstances are thos fields populated in the Sales Line table, not the Purchase Line table. I have a couple of sample databases from different versions of Navision, and a couple of client databases, and in all cases, the “Purchase Order No.” field is empty, and the “Purchase Order Line No.” field is 0 (zero). cheers,

Drop shipment->Purchase Order It will take the reference to the purchase order line where u take that line from. :wink: Regards, – Alfonso Pertierra Spain