Repport Navision Login Roles

I have been searching and can not find this info…

What are the SQL Server tables for Navision 4.0 that maintain the roles for each user login? Prior to my a employment here, database authentication was put in place. I want to switch to Windows AUthentication and I would like to replicate the current user roles to the Windows Logins.

Thanks in advanced for any assitance.


We’re running 5.0 (which may be different), with Database authentication. The table that maps users to their roles is called [dbo].[Member Of]. Do you have that table in 4.0?

cheers, Mark

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. It is in Nav 4.0.



In Nav, on any from, you can hit Ctrl+F8 calle d(zoom) and a new window will appear and on top it tells you the source of the table name.